woensdag 1 mei 2013

Extending the Microsoft Outlook Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (part 4)

The client installer
In the previous blogs I have explained the Outlook Add-on code, the javascript webresource and the related dialog this webresource uses in order to process a tracked e-mail in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

There are several ways to create an installable version of the Outlook add-on.
You can read al about in on the following MSDN location:

A simple, reliable installable version of the client can be done according the following steps:

Step 1: Compile the release version of the add-on.
Make sure you publish the release version by compiling the release version

Step 2: Run the Vsto Publish feature
By right clicking the project, choose publish

Step 3: Choose a proper location

Step 4: Provide an installation path
U can use a shared corporate location or website as well. For this purpose I will choose an installable version for a CR-ROM or DVD-ROM.

Press finish and you can start distributing your add-on!

Some ideas
Because there are many different ways customers handle e-mail, this solution provides Outlook users feedback about their e-mail more sufficient than the current Microsoft Outlook Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 does. This add-on can be used for:
  • Fulfillment of an incomplete tracked e-mail
  • Follow-up e-mails efficiently with less clicks
  • Provide related information (such as unpaid invoices, open service calls, important notes) instantly.
  • Redirect  e-mails to the correct person in a single click
  • ..

Good luck and enjoy this add-on!


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Marcel Vroon zei

Super. Hier was ik naar op zoek. Onze klant werkt het liefst vanuit Outlook en op deze manier kunnen we dit realiseren.